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Pronunciation: (fish'ur), [key]
1. any animal that catches fish for food.
2. a fisherman.
3. a dark-brown or blackish marten, Martes pennanti, of northern North America.
4. the fur of this animal.


Pronunciation: (fish'ur), [key]
1. Andrew, 1862–1928, Australian statesman, born in Scotland: prime minister 1908–09, 1910–13, 1914–15.
2. Dorothy Can•field Pronunciation: (kan'fēld"), [key] (Dorothea Frances Canfield Fisher), 1879–1958, U.S. novelist.
3. Irving, 1867–1947, U.S. political economist.
4. Saint John (“John of Rochester”), c1469–1535, English Roman Catholic prelate and humanist: executed for treason.
5. John Arbuthnot, 1st Baron Fisher of Kil•ver•stone Pronunciation: (kil'vur-stun), [key]1841–1920, British admiral.

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