Pronunciation: (fōk), [key]
1. Usually, folks. (used with a pl. v.) people in general: Folks say there wasn't much rain last summer.
2. Often, folks. (used with a pl. v.) people of a specified class or group: country folk; poor folks.
3. (used with a pl. v.) people as the carriers of culture, esp. as representing the composite of social mores, customs, forms of behavior, etc., in a society: The folk are the bearers of oral tradition.
4. folks, Informal.
a. members of one's family; one's relatives: All his folks come from France.
b. one's parents: Will your folks let you go?
5. Archaic.a people or tribe.
6. just folks, Informal.(of persons) simple, unaffected, unsophisticated, or open-hearted people: He enjoyed visiting his grandparents because they were just folks.

1. of or originating among the common people: folk beliefs; a folk hero.
2. having unknown origins and reflecting the traditional forms of a society: folk culture; folk art.

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