Pronunciation: (fôr, fōr), [key]
1. situated at or toward the front, as compared with something else.
2. first in place, time, order, rank, etc.; forward; earlier.
3. Naut.
a. of or pertaining to a foremast.
b. noting a sail, yard, boom, etc., or any rigging belonging to a fore lower mast or to some upper mast of a foremast.
c. noting any stay running aft and upward to the head of a fore lower mast or to some specified upper mast of a foremast: fore topmast stay.
d. situated at or toward the bow of a vessel; forward.

1. or toward the bow.
2. forward.
3. Obs.before.
4. fore and aft,, at, or to both ends of a ship.

1. the forepart of anything; front.
2. the fore, Naut.the foremast.
3. to the fore,
a. into a conspicuous place or position; to or at the front.
b. at hand; ready; available.
c. still alive.

prep., conj.
Also,'fore. Informal.before.


Pronunciation: (fôr, fōr), [key]
interj. Golf.
(used as a cry of warning to persons on a course who are in danger of being struck by the ball.)


a prefix meaning “before” (in space, time, condition, etc.), “front,” “superior,” etc.: forehead; forecastle; forecast; foretell; foreman.

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