Pronunciation: (frangk'lin), [key]
n. Eng. Hist.
(in the 14th and 15th centuries) a freeholder who was not of noble birth.


Pronunciation: (frangk'lin), [key]
1. Benjamin, 1706–90, American statesman, diplomat, author, scientist, and inventor.
2. Sir John, 1786–1847, English Arctic explorer.
3. John Hope, born 1915, U.S. historian and educator.
4. a district in extreme N Canada, in the Northwest Territories, including the Boothia and Melville peninsulas, Baffin Island, and other Arctic islands. 549,253 sq. mi. (1,422,565 sq. km).
5. a town in S Massachusetts. 18,217.
6. a city in SE Wisconsin. 16,871.
7. a town in central Tennessee. 12,407.
8. a town in central Indiana. 11,563.
9. a town in SW Ohio. 10,711.
10. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “freeholder.”

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