Pronunciation: (gûr'dl), [key]
n., v., -dled, -dling.

1. a lightweight undergarment, worn esp. by women, often partly or entirely of elastic or boned, for supporting and giving a slimmer appearance to the abdomen, hips, and buttocks.
2. a belt, cord, sash, or the like, worn about the waist.
3. anything that encircles, confines, or limits.
4. Jewelry.the edge or narrow band between the upper and lower facets of a gem.
5. Anat.the bony framework that unites the upper or lower extremities to the axial skeleton.
6. ornamental band, esp. one surrounding the shaft of a column.
7. a ring made about a tree trunk, branch, etc., by removing a band of bark.

1. to encircle with a belt; gird.
2. to encompass; enclose; encircle.
3. to move around (something or someone) in a circle.
4. to cut away the bark and cambium in a ring around (a tree, branch, etc.).
5. Jewelry.round (def. 51).

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