Pronunciation: (gôn, gon), [key]
pp. of go 1.

1. departed; left.
2. lost or hopeless.
3. ruined.
4. that has passed away; dead.
5. past.
6. weak and faint: a gone feeling.
7. used up.
8. Slang.
a. pregnant: two months gone.
b. great; outstanding.
c. exhilarated; inspired.
9. far gone,
a. much advanced; deeply involved.
b. nearly exhausted; almost worn out.
c. dying: The rescue party finally reached the scene of the crash, but most of the survivors were already far gone.
10. gone on, Informal.infatuated with; in love with: He is still gone on the woman who jilted him.

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Gondwanagone away
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