Pronunciation: (har'is), [key]
1. Benjamin, c1660–c1720, English journalist who published the first newspaper in America 1690.
2. Frank, 1856–1931, U.S. writer, born in Ireland.
3. Joel Chan•dler Pronunciation: (chan'dlur, chän'-), [key] 1848–1908, U.S. journalist, novelist, and short-story writer: creator of Uncle Remus.
4. Julie, born 1925, U.S. actress.
5. Louis, born 1921, U.S. public-opinion pollster and columnist.
6. Mark, born 1922, U.S. novelist.
7. Roy, 1898–1979, U.S. composer.
8. Thaddeus William, 1795–1856, U.S. entomologist: pioneer in applied entomology.
9. a male given name.

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