Pronunciation: (hēr), [key]
v., heardPronunciation: (hûrd), [key] hear•ing.

1. to perceive by the ear: Didn't you hear the doorbell?
2. to learn by the ear or by being told; be informed of: to hear news.
3. to listen to; give or pay attention to: They refused to hear our side of the argument.
4. to be among the audience at or of (something): to hear a recital.
5. to give a formal, official, or judicial hearing to (something); consider officially, as a judge, sovereign, teacher, or assembly: to hear a case.
6. to take or listen to the evidence or testimony of (someone): to hear the defendant.
7. to listen to with favor, assent, or compliance.
8. (of a computer) to perceive by speech recognition.

1. to be capable of perceiving sound by the ear; have the faculty of perceiving sound vibrations.
2. to receive information by the ear or otherwise: to hear from a friend.
3. to listen with favor, assent, or compliance (often fol. by of): I will not hear of your going.
4. (of a computer) to be capable of perceiving by speech recognition.
5. (used interjectionally in the phrase Hear! Hear! to express approval, as of a speech).

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