Pronunciation: (hil), [key]
1. a natural elevation of the earth's surface, smaller than a mountain.
2. an incline, esp. in a road: This old jalopy won't make it up the next hill.
3. an artificial heap, pile, or mound: a hill made by ants.
4. a small mound of earth raised about a cultivated plant or a cluster of such plants.
5. the plant or plants so surrounded: a hill of potatoes.
6. Baseball.mound1 (def. 4).
7. go over the hill, Slang.
a. to break out of prison.
b. to absent oneself without leave from one's military unit.
c. to leave suddenly or mysteriously: Rumor has it that her husband has gone over the hill.
8. over the hill,
a. relatively advanced in age.
b. past one's prime.
9. the Hill.See Capitol Hill.

1. to surround with hills: to hill potatoes.
2. to form into a hill or heap.


Pronunciation: (hil), [key]
1. Ambrose Pow•ell Pronunciation: (pou'ul), [key] 1825–65, Confederate general in the U.S. Civil War.
2. Archibald Viv•i•an Pronunciation: (viv'ē-un), [key] 1886–1977, English physiologist: Nobel prize for medicine 1922.
3. James Jerome, 1838–1916, U.S. railroad builder and financier, born in Canada.
4. Joe, 1879–1915, U.S. labor organizer and songwriter, born in Sweden.

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