Pronunciation: (hīv), [key]
n., v., hived, hiv•ing.

1. a shelter constructed for housing a colony of honeybees; beehive.
2. the colony of bees inhabiting a hive.
3. something resembling a beehive in structure or use.
4. a place swarming with busy occupants: a hive of industry.
5. a swarming or teeming multitude.

1. to gather into or cause to enter a hive.
2. to shelter as in a hive.
3. to store up in a hive.
4. to store or lay away for future use or enjoyment.

1. (of bees) to enter a hive.
2. to live together in or as in a hive.
3. hive off, become transferred from the main body of a commercial or industrial enterprise through the agency of new ownership.

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