Pronunciation: (hoof, hOOf), [key]
n., pl. hoofs or hooves for 1, 2, 4; hoof for 3, 5;

1. the horny covering protecting the ends of the digits or encasing the foot in certain animals, as the ox and horse. See diag. under horse.
2. the entire foot of a horse, donkey, etc.
3. Older Use.a hoofed animal, esp. one of a herd.
4. Informal.the human foot.
5. on the hoof, (of livestock) not butchered; live: The city youngsters were seeing lambs on the hoof for the first time.

v.t. walk (often fol. by it): Let's hoof it to the supermarket.

v.i. dance, esp. to tap-dance: He's been hoofing at the Palladium.

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