Pronunciation: (hOOt), [key]
1. to cry out or shout, esp. in disapproval or derision.
2. to utter the cry characteristic of an owl.
3. to utter a similar sound.
4. Chiefly blow a horn or whistle; toot.

1. to assail with shouts of disapproval or derision: The fans hooted the umpire.
2. to drive out, off, or away by hooting.
3. to express in hoots: The crowd hooted its disagreement with the speaker.

1. the cry of an owl.
2. any similar sound, as an inarticulate shout.
3. a cry or shout, esp. of disapproval or derision.
4. Brit.a horn, siren, or whistle, esp. a factory whistle.
5. Informal.the least bit of concern, interest, or thought; trifle: I don't give a hoot.
6. extremely funny person, situation, or event: Your mother's a hoot when she tells about her escapades in boarding school.


Pronunciation: (hOOt), [key]
interj. Scot. and North Eng.
(used as an expression of impatience, dissatisfaction, objection, or dislike.)

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