Pronunciation: (
v.ī'su-lāt", is'u-;
n., adj.ī'su-lit, -lāt", is'u-),
v., -lat•ed, -lat•ing,
n., adj.

1. to set or place apart; detach or separate so as to be alone.
2. keep (an infected person) from contact with noninfected persons; quarantine.
3. Chem., obtain (a substance or microorganism) in an uncombined or pure state.
4. insulate.
5. single out (a person, action, etc.) for a camera closeup.

1. a person, thing, or group that is set apart or isolated, as for purposes of study.
2. Psychol.a person, often shy or lacking in social skills, who avoids the company of others and has no friends within a group.
3. inbreeding population that is isolated from similar populations by physiological, behavioral, or geographic barriers.
4. Ling.a language with no demonstrable genetic relationship, as Basque.
5. something that has been isolated, as a by-product in a manufacturing process: an isolate of soy flour.

isolated; alone.

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