Pronunciation: ( jet), [key]
n., v., jet•ted, jet•ting,

1. a stream of a liquid, gas, or small solid particles forcefully shooting forth from a nozzle, orifice, etc.
2. something that issues in such a stream, as water or gas.
3. a spout or nozzle for emitting liquid or gas: a gas jet.
4. See jet plane.
5. See jet engine.

1. to travel by jet plane: to jet to Las Vegas for the weekend.
2. to move or travel by means of jet propulsion: The octopus jetted away from danger.
3. to be shot forth in a stream.
4. to move or travel rapidly: The star halfback jetted toward the goal line.

1. to transport by jet plane: The nonstop service from New York will jet you to Tokyo in 13 hours.
2. to shoot (something) forth in a stream; spout.
3. to place (a pile or the like) by eroding the ground beneath it with a jet of water or of water and compressed air.

1. of, pertaining to, or associated with a jet, jet engine, or jet plane: jet pilot; jet exhaust.
2. in the form of or producing a jet or jet propulsion: jet nozzle.
3. by means of a jet airplane: a jet trip; jet transportation.


Pronunciation: ( jet), [key]
1. a compact black coal, susceptible of a high polish, used for making beads, jewelry, buttons, etc.
2. a deep black.
3. marble.

1. consisting or made of jet.
2. of the color jet; black as jet.

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