Pronunciation: (last, läst), [key]
adj. a superl. of late with later as compar.
1. occurring or coming after all others, as in time, order, or place: the last line on a page.
2. most recent; next before the present; latest: last week; last Friday.
3. being the only one remaining: my last dollar; the last outpost; a last chance.
4. final: in his last hours.
5. ultimate or conclusive; definitive: the last word in the argument.
6. lowest in prestige or importance: last prize.
7. coming after all others in suitability or likelihood; least desirable: He is the last person we'd want to represent us.
8. individual; single: The lecture won't start until every last person is seated.
9. utmost; extreme: the last degree of delight.
10. Eccles.(of the sacraments of penance, viaticum, or extreme unction) extreme or final; administered to a person dying or in danger of dying.

1. after all others; latest: He arrived last at the party.
2. on the most recent occasion: When last seen, the suspect was wearing a checked suit.
3. in the end; finally; in conclusion.

1. a person or thing that is last.
2. a final appearance or mention: We've seen the last of her. That's the last we'll hear of it.
3. the end or conclusion: We are going on vacation the last of September.
4. at last, after a lengthy pause or delay: He was lost in thought for several minutes, but at last he spoke.
5. at long last, after much troublesome or frustrating delay: The ship docked at long last.
6. breathe one's last, to die: He was nearly 90 when he breathed his last.


Pronunciation: (last, läst), [key]
1. to go on or continue in time: The festival lasted three weeks.
2. to continue unexpended or unexhausted; be enough: We'll enjoy ourselves while our money lasts.
3. to continue in force, vigor, effectiveness, etc.: to last for the whole course.
4. to continue or remain in usable condition for a reasonable period of time: They were handsome shoes but they didn't last.

to continue to survive for the duration of (often fol. by out): They lasted the war in Switzerland.


Pronunciation: (last, läst), [key]
1. a wooden or metal form in the shape of the human foot on which boots or shoes are shaped or repaired.
2. the shape or form of a shoe.
3. stick to one's last, to keep to that work, field, etc., in which one is competent or skilled.

to shape on or fit to a last.


Pronunciation: (last, läst), [key]
any of various large units of weight or capacity, varying in amount in different localities and for different commodities, often equivalent to 4000 pounds (1814.37 kilograms).

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