Pronunciation: (lôr'uns, lor'-), [key]
1. D(avid) H(erbert), 1885–1930, English novelist.
2. Ernest O(rlando), 1901–58, U.S. physicist: inventor of the cyclotron; Nobel prize 1939.
3. Gertrude, 1901?–52, English actress.
4. Jacob, 1917-2000, U.S. painter and educator.
5. James, 1781–1813, U.S. naval officer in the War of 1812.
6. Saint. Also,Lorenzo.Latin, Laurentius. died a.d. 258?, early church martyr.
7. Sir Thomas, 1769–1830, English painter.
8. T(homas) E(dward) (T. E. Shaw) (“Lawrence of Arabia”), 1888–1935, English archaeologist, adventurer, soldier, and writer.
9. a city in NE Massachusetts, on the Merrimack River. 63,175.
10. a city in E Kansas, on the Kansas River. 52,738.
11. a town in central Indiana. 25,591.
12. a male given name: from a Latin word meaning “a man of Laurentum.”

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