Pronunciation: (limp), [key]
1. to walk with a labored, jerky movement, as when lame.
2. to proceed in a lame, faltering, or labored manner: His writing limps from one cliché to another. The old car limped along.
3. to progress slowly and with great difficulty; make little or no advance: an economy that limps along at a level just above total bankruptcy.

a lame movement or gait: The accident left him with a slight limp.


Pronunciation: (limp), [key]
adj., -er, -est.
1. lacking stiffness or firmness, as of substance, fiber, structure, or bodily frame: a limp body.
2. lacking vitality; weary; tired; fatigued: Limp with exhaustion, she dropped into the nearest chair.
3. without firmness, force, energy, etc., as of character: limp, spiritless prose.
4. flexible; not stiff or rigid: a Bible in a limp leather binding.

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