Pronunciation: (lin'ē-ur), [key]
1. of, consisting of, or using lines: linear design.
2. pertaining to or represented by lines: linear dimensions.
3. extended or arranged in a line: a linear series.
4. involving measurement in one dimension only; pertaining to length: linear measure.
5. of or pertaining to the characteristics of a work of art in which forms and rhythms are defined chiefly in terms of line.
6. having the form of or resembling a line: linear nebulae.
7. Math.
a. consisting of, involving, or describable by terms of the first degree.
b. having the same effect on a sum as on each of the summands: a linear operation.
8. Electronics.delivering an output that is directly proportional to the input: a linear circuit; a linear amplifier.
9. threadlike; narrow and elongated: a linear leaf.

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