Pronunciation: (lō'did), [key]
1. bearing or having a load; full: a loaded bus.
2. containing ammunition or an explosive charge: a loaded rifle.
3. (of a word, statement, or argument) charged with emotional or associative significance that hinders rational or unprejudiced consideration of the terms involved in a discourse.
4. Slang.
a. having a great deal of money; rich.
b. under the influence of alcohol; drunk; intoxicated.
c. under the influence of drugs.
5. (of dice) fraudulently weighted so as to increase the chances of certain combinations to appear face up when the dice are thrown.
6. (of a product, building, etc.) including many extra features, accessories, luxuries, or the like: The new model sports car is loaded—air conditioning, a tape deck, real leather seats are all included.
7. loaded for bear, Informal.See bear 2 (def. 9).

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