Pronunciation: (lōn), [key]
1. the act of lending; a grant of the temporary use of something: the loan of a book.
2. something lent or furnished on condition of being returned, esp. a sum of money lent at interest: a $1000 loan at 10 percent interest.
3. loanword.
4. on loan,
a. borrowed for temporary use: How many books can I have on loan from the library at one time?
b. temporarily provided or released by one's regular employer, superior, or owner for use by another: Our best actor is on loan to another movie studio for two films.

1. to make a loan of; lend: Will you loan me your umbrella?
2. to lend (money) at interest.

to make a loan or loans; lend.


Pronunciation: (lōn), [key]
n. Scot.
1. a country lane; secondary road.
2. an uncultivated plot of farmland, usually used for milking cows. Also,loan•ingPronunciation: (lō'ning). [key]

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