Pronunciation: (lō"ku-mō'tiv), [key]
1. a self-propelled, vehicular engine, powered by steam, a diesel, or electricity, for pulling or, sometimes, pushing a train or individual railroad cars.
2. an organized group cheer, usually led by a cheerleader, as at a football or basketball game, that begins slowly and progressively increases in speed in such a way as to suggest a steam locomotive.
3. Archaic.any self-propelled vehicle.

1. of or pertaining to locomotives.
2. of, pertaining to, or aiding in locomotion or movement from place to place: the locomotive powers of most animals.
3. moving or traveling by means of its own mechanism or powers.
4. serving to produce such movement; adapted for or used in locomotion: locomotive organs.
5. having the power of locomotion: an animal that is locomotive at birth.

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