Pronunciation: (lOOp), [key]
1. a portion of a cord, ribbon, etc., folded or doubled upon itself so as to leave an opening between the parts.
2. anything shaped more or less like a loop, as a line drawn on paper, a part of a letter, a part of a path, or a line of motion.
3. a curved piece or a ring of metal, wood, or the like, used for the insertion of something, as a handle, etc.
4. See intrauterine device.
5. Aeron.a maneuver executed by an airplane in such a manner that the airplane describes a closed curve in a vertical plane.
6. a circular area at the end of a trolley line, railroad line, etc., where cars turn around.
7. an arm of a cloverleaf where traffic may turn off or onto a main road or highway.
8. Physics.the part of a vibrating string, column of air or other medium, etc., between two adjacent nodes.
9. Elect.a closed electric or magnetic circuit.
10. Computers.the reiteration of a set of instructions in a routine or program.
11. a wire, usually of platinum, one end of which is curved to form a loop, used for transferring microorganisms from one medium to another.
12. a sand bar that encloses or nearly encloses a body of water.
13. Figure Skating.a school figure in which a skater traces a large half circle, a small oval within its arc, and another large half circle to complete the figure while remaining on the same skating edge.
14. the loop,a group or network of insiders or influential people; inner circle: to be out of the loop on policy decisions.
15. the Loop,the main business district of Chicago.
16. throw or knock for a loop, to astonish or upset: Her quitting the project really threw me for a loop.

1. to form into a loop.
2. to make a loop in.
3. to enfold or encircle in or with something arranged in a loop.
4. to fasten by forming into a loop, or by means of something formed into a loop (often fol. by up): to loop up the new draperies.
5. to cause (a missile or projectile) to trace a looping or looplike trajectory through the air: to loop a grenade into the building.
6. to fly (an airplane) in a loop or series of loops.
7. to construct a closed electric or magnetic circuit.
8. Motion complete by means of looping: We still have to loop the final scenes.

1. to make or form a loop: The river loops around the two counties.
2. to move by forming loops, as a measuringworm.
3. to trace a looping or looplike path through the air: The fly ball looped high in the air.
4. to perform a loop or series of loops in an airplane.
5. Motion record dialogue, sound effects, etc., onto an existing film track or soundtrack.


Pronunciation: (lOOp), [key]
n. Archaic.
a small or narrow opening, as in a wall; loophole.


Pronunciation: (lOOp), [key]
n. Metalworking.
a hot bloom of pasty consistency, to be worked under a hammer or in rolls.

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