Pronunciation: (lot), [key]
n., v., lot•ted, lot•ting,

1. one of a set of objects, as straws or pebbles, drawn or thrown from a container to decide a question or choice by chance.
2. the casting or drawing of such objects as a method of deciding something: to choose a person by lot.
3. the decision or choice made by such a method.
4. allotted share or portion: to receive one's lot of an inheritance.
5. the portion in life assigned by fate or Providence; one's fate, fortune, or destiny: Her lot had not been a happy one.
6. a distinct portion or piece of land: a building lot.
7. a piece of land forming a part of a district, city, or other community.
8. South Midland and Southern U.S.a farmyard or barnyard.
9. a piece of land having the use specified by the attributive noun or adjective: a parking lot; a used-car lot.
10. Motion Pictures.a motion-picture studio and its surrounding property.
11. a distinct portion or parcel of anything, as of merchandise: The furniture was to be auctioned off in 20 lots.
12. a number of things or persons collectively: There's one more, and that's the lot.
13. kind of person; sort: He's a bad lot.
14. Often, lots. a great many or a great deal: a lot of books; lots of money.
15. Chiefly Brit.a tax or duty.
16. cast or cast in one's lot with, to ally oneself with; share the life and fortunes of: She had cast her lot with the bohemian crowd.
17. draw or cast lots, to settle a question by the use of lots: They drew lots to see who would go first.

1. to divide or distribute by lot (sometimes fol. by out): to lot furniture for sale; to lot out apples by the basketful.
2. to assign to one as his or her lot; allot.
3. to divide into lots, as land.
4. cast or draw lots for.

to draw lots.

Often, lots. a great deal; greatly: Thanks a lot for the ride. I care lots about my family.


Pronunciation: (lot), [key]
the nephew of Abraham. His wife was changed into a pillar of salt for looking back during their flight from Sodom. Gen. 13:1–12, 19.


Pronunciation: (lôt), [key]
1. a river in S France, flowing W to the Garonne. 300 mi. (480 km) long.
2. a department in S France. 150,725; 2018 sq. mi. (5225 sq. km). Cap.: Cahors.


(in prescriptions) a lotion.

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