Pronunciation: (lounj), [key]
v., lounged, loung•ing,

1. to pass time idly and indolently.
2. to rest or recline indolently; loll: We lounged in the sun all afternoon.
3. to go or move in a leisurely, indolent manner; saunter (usually fol. by around, along, off, etc.).

to pass (time) in lounging (usually fol. by away or out): to lounge away the afternoon.

1. a sofa for reclining, sometimes backless, having a headrest at one end.
2. a place for sitting, waiting, smoking, etc., esp. a large public room, as in a hotel, theater, or air terminal, often with adjoining washrooms.
3. a section on a train, plane, or ship having various club or social facilities.
4. a cocktail lounge.
5. Archaic.the act or a period of lounging.
6. Archaic.a lounging gait.

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