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Pronunciation: (mad"u-mu-zel', mad"mwu-, mam-zel'; Fr. mad-mwa-zel'), [key]
pl. mad•e•moi•sellesPronunciation: (mad"u-mu-zelz', mad"mwu-, mam-zelz'), [key] mes•de•moi•sellesPronunciation: (mā"du-mu-zel', mād"mwu-zel'; Fr. mād-mwa-zel'). [key]

1. (often cap.) a French title of respect equivalent to “Miss”, used in speaking to or of a girl or unmarried woman: Mademoiselle Lafitte. Abbr.: Mlle.
2. a French governess.
3. See silver perch (def. 1).

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