Pronunciation: (mad'u-sun), [key]
1. Dol•ly or Dol•ley Pronunciation: (dol'ē), [key] (Dorothea Payne), 1768–1849, wife of James Madison.
2. James, 1751–1836, 4th president of the U.S. 1809–17.
3. a city in and the capital of Wisconsin, in the S part. 170,616.
4. a city in NE New Jersey. 15,357.
5. a town in S Connecticut. 14,031.
6. a city in SE Indiana. 12,472.
7. a dance in which the participants stand side by side in a line while one person, acting as leader, calls out various steps, each letter of the word “Madison” signaling a specific step.

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