Pronunciation: (mu-rēn'), [key]
1. of or pertaining to the sea; existing in or produced by the sea: marine vegetation.
2. pertaining to navigation or shipping; nautical; naval; maritime.
3. serving on shipboard, as soldiers.
4. of or belonging to the marines.
5. adapted for use at sea: a marine barometer.

1. a member of the U.S. Marine Corps.
2. one of a class of naval troops serving both on shipboard and on land.
3. seagoing ships collectively, esp. with reference to nationality or class; shipping in general.
4. a picture with a marine subject; seascape.
5. naval affairs, or the department of a government, as in France, having to do with such affairs.
6. dead marine, Australian empty bottle of beer or spirits.
7. tell it or that to the marines! I don't believe your story; I refuse to be fooled.

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