Pronunciation: (mär-kēz'; Fr. mar-kēz'), [key]
pl. -quis•esPronunciation: (-kē'ziz; Fr. -kēz'). [key]

1. the wife or widow of a marquis.
2. a lady holding the rank equal to that of a marquis.
3. Jewelry.
a. Also called marquise cut. a gem cut, esp. for a diamond, yielding a low pointed oval with many facets, usually 58.
b. a gem cut in this style, esp. a diamond. Cf. navette.
4. (often used with a pl. v.) Brit.marquee (def. 3).
5. Also called marquise' chair'. Fr. Furniture.a wide bergère. Also, Brit.,marchioness (for defs. 1, 2).

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