Pronunciation: (mis), [key]
1. to fail to hit or strike: to miss a target.
2. to fail to encounter, meet, catch, etc.: to miss a train.
3. to fail to take advantage of: to miss a chance.
4. to fail to be present at or for: to miss a day of school.
5. to notice the absence or loss of: When did you first miss your wallet?
6. to regret the absence or loss of: I miss you all dreadfully.
7. to escape or avoid: He just missed being caught.
8. to fail to perceive or understand: to miss the point of a remark.

1. to fail to hit something.
2. to fail of effect or success; be unsuccessful.
3. miss fire. See fire (def. 25).
4. miss out, Chiefly omit; leave out.
5. miss out on, to fail to take advantage of, experience, etc.: You missed out on a great opportunity.

1. a failure to hit something.
2. a failure of any kind.
3. an omission.
4. a misfire.


Pronunciation: (mis), [key]
pl. miss•es.

1. (cap.) a title of respect for an unmarried woman, conventionally prefixed to her name or to the name of that which she represents: Miss Mary Jones; Miss Sweden.
2. (used by itself, as a term of address, esp. to a young woman): Miss, please bring me some ketchup.
3. (cap.) a title prefixed to a mock surname used to represent a particular attribute of the person, esp. one excessively prominent: Miss Innocent; Miss Congeniality.
4. a young unmarried woman; girl: a radiant miss of 18 or so.
5. misses,
a. a range of sizes, chiefly from 6 to 20, for garments that fit women of average height and build.
b. the department or section of a store where these garments are sold.
c. a garment in this size range.




1. mission.
2. missionary.

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