Pronunciation: (mich'ul), [key]
1. Arthur, born 1934, U.S. ballet dancer, choreographer, and ballet company director.
2. John, 1870–1919, U.S. labor leader.
3. Margaret, 1900–49, U.S. novelist.
4. Maria, 1818–89, U.S. astronomer.
5. Peter, 1920–92, British biochemist: Nobel prize 1978.
6. Silas Weir Pronunciation: (wēr), [key] 1829–1914, U.S. physician and novelist.
7. William, 1879–1936, U.S. general: pioneer in the field of aviation.
8. Mount, a mountain in W North Carolina: highest peak in the E United States, 6684 ft. (2037 m).
9. a city in SE South Dakota. 13,916.
10. a male given name, form of Michael.

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