Pronunciation: (mop), [key]
n., v., mopped, mop•ping.

1. a bundle of coarse yarn, a sponge, or other absorbent material, fastened at the end of a stick or handle for washing floors, dishes, etc.
2. a thick mass of hair.
3. a polishing wheel having several layers of cloth secured by a boss.

1. to rub, wipe, clean, or remove with a mop (often fol. by up): to mop up a spill.
2. to wipe as if with a mop: to mop the face with a handkerchief.

1. to clean or wipe with or as if with a mop (often fol. by up): First he swept, then he mopped up.
2. mop the floor with. See floor (def. 15).
3. mop up,
a. clear (ground, trenches, towns, etc.) of scattered or remaining enemy combatants after attacking forces have conquered the area.
b. dispose of; complete; finish: He mopped up the rest of his business and went on a vacation.


Pronunciation: (mop), [key]
v., mopped, mop•ping,

to make a disappointed or unhappy face; grimace: an unruly child that mops and mows.

a wry face; grimace.

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