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Pronunciation: (môr'gun), [key]
one of a breed of light carriage and saddle horses descended from the stallion Justin Morgan.


Pronunciation: (môr'gun), [key]
1. Charles Lang•bridge Pronunciation: (lang'brij"), [key] 1894–1958, English novelist and critic.
2. Daniel, 1736–1802, American Revolutionary general.
3. Sir Henry, 1635?–88, Welsh buccaneer in the Americas.
4. John Hunt, 1826–64, Confederate general in the American Civil War.
5. J(ohn) P(ier•pont) Pronunciation: (pēr'pont), [key] 1837–1913, U.S. financier and philanthropist.
6. his sonJohn Pierpont, 1867–1943, U.S. financier.
7. Lewis Henry, 1818–81, U.S. ethnologist and anthropologist.
8. Thomas Hunt, 1866–1945, U.S. zoologist: Nobel prize for medicine 1933.
9. a male or female given name.

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