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Pronunciation: (môrs), [key]
n. Eccles.
an ornamented metal clasp or brooch for fastening a cope in front.


Pronunciation: (môrs), [key]
1. Jed•i•di•ah Pronunciation: (jed"i-dī'u), [key] 1761–1826, U.S. geographer and Congregational clergyman (father of Samuel F. B. Morse).
2. Samuel F(in•ley) B(reese) Pronunciation: (fin'lē brēz), [key] 1791–1872, U.S. artist and inventor: developer of the first successful telegraph in the U.S.; inventor of the most commonly used telegraphic code system.
3. See Morse code.
4. a male given name, form of Maurice.

1. noting or pertaining to the Morse code or the system of communications using it.
2. pertaining to any code resembling the Morse code.

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