Pronunciation: (mōst), [key]
adj., superl. of much or many with more as compar.
1. in the greatest quantity, amount, measure, degree, or number: to win the most votes.
2. in the majority of instances: Most operations are successful.
3. greatest, as in size or extent: the most talent.
4. for the most part. See part (def. 18).

1. the greatest quantity, amount, or degree; the utmost: The most I can hope for is a passing grade.
2. the greatest number or the majority of a class specified: Most of his writing is rubbish.
3. the greatest number: The most this room will seat is 150.
4. the majority of persons: to be more sensitive than most.
5. at the most, at the maximum. Also,at most.
6. make the most of, to use to greatest advantage; utilize fully: to make the most of an opportunity.
7. the most, Slang.the ultimate in something: He's the most. That movie was the most.

adv., superl. of much with more as compar.
1. in or to the greatest extent or degree (in this sense often used before adjectives and adverbs, and regularly before those of more than two syllables, to form superlative phrases having the same force and effect as the superlative degree formed by the termination -est): most rapid; most wisely.
2. very: a most puzzling case.
3. Informal.almost or nearly.


a combining form of most occurring in a series of superlatives: foremost; utmost.

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