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Pronunciation: (mound), [key]
1. a natural elevation of earth; a hillock or knoll.
2. an artificial elevation of earth, as for a defense work or a dam or barrier; an embankment.
3. a heap or raised mass: a mound of papers; a mound of hay.
4. Baseball.the slightly raised ground from which the pitcher delivers the ball. Cf. rubber (def. 13).
5. an elevation formed of earth, sand, stones, etc., esp. over a grave or ruins.
6. a tumulus or other raised work of earth dating from a prehistoric or long-past period.

1. to form into a mound; heap up.
2. to furnish with a mound of earth, as for a defense.


Pronunciation: (mound), [key]
a globe topped with a cross that symbolizes power and constitutes part of the regalia of an English sovereign.

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