Pronunciation: (muf'ul), [key]
v., -fled, -fling,

1. to wrap with something to deaden or prevent sound: to muffle drums.
2. to deaden (sound) by wrappings or other means.
3. to wrap or envelop in a cloak, shawl, coat, etc., esp. to keep warm or protect the face and neck (often fol. by up): Muffle up the children before they go out.
4. to wrap (oneself) in a garment or other covering: muffled in silk.
5. to alter temporarily the profile of (a plaster mold) in order to run a base coat of plaster that will later be covered by a finish coat having the true profile.

1. something that muffles.
2. muffled sound.
3. an oven or arched chamber in a furnace or kiln, used for heating substances without direct contact with the fire.


Pronunciation: (muf'ul), [key]
the thick, bare part of the upper lip and nose of ruminants and rodents.

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