Pronunciation: (mûr'ē, mur'ē), [key]
1. Sir (George) Gilbert (Ai•mé) Pronunciation: (ā-mā'), [key] 1866–1957, English classical scholar.
2. Sir James Augustus Henry, 1837–1915, Scottish lexicographer and philologist.
3. Lind•ley Pronunciation: (lin'lē, lind'-), [key] 1745–1826, English grammarian, born in the U.S.
4. Philip, 1886–1952, U.S. labor leader: president of the CIO 1940–52.
5. a river in SE Australia, flowing W along the border between Victoria and New South Wales, through SE South Australia into the Indian Ocean. 1200 mi. (1930 km) long.
6. a city in N Utah, S of Salt Lake City. 25,750.
7. a town in SW Kentucky. 14,248.
8. a male given name.

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