Pronunciation: (nOO'tru-līz", nyOO'-), [key]
v., -ized, -iz•ing.

1. to make neutral; cause to undergo neutralization.
2. to make (something) ineffective; counteract; nullify: carelessness that neutralized our efforts.
3. put out of action or make incapable of action: to neutralize an enemy position.
4. to declare neutral; invest with neutrality in order to exempt from involvement during a war: to neutralize a city to prevent bombing.
5. to add an acid to a basic solution or a base to an acidic solution until the resulting solution is chemically neutral (pH = 7).
6. render electrically or magnetically neutral.

to become neutral or neutralized; undergo neutralization: With this additive the solution begins to neutralize. Also, esp. Brit.,neu'tral•ise".

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