Pronunciation: (wun), [key]
1. being or amounting to a single unit or individual or entire thing, item, or object rather than two or more; a single: one woman; one nation; one piece of cake.
2. being a person, thing, or individual instance or member of a number, kind, group, or category indicated: one member of the party.
3. existing, acting, or considered as a single unit, entity, or individual.
4. of the same or having a single kind, nature, or condition: We belong to one team; We are of one resolve.
5. noting some indefinite day or time in the future: You will see him one day.
6. a certain (often used in naming a person otherwise unknown or undescribed): One John Smith was chosen.
7. being a particular, unique, or only individual, item, or unit: I'm looking for the one adviser I can trust.
8. noting some indefinite day or time in the past: We all had dinner together one evening last week.
9. of no consequence as to the character, outcome, etc.; the same: It's all one to me whether they go or not.

1. the first and lowest whole number, being a cardinal number; unity.
2. a symbol of this number, as 1 or I.
3. a single person or thing: If only problems would come one at a time!
4. a die face or a domino face having one pip.
5. a one-dollar bill: to change a five-dollar bill for five ones.
6. (cap.) Neoplatonism.the ultimate reality, seen as a central source of being by whose emanations all entities, spiritual and corporeal, have their existence, the corporeal ones containing the fewest of the emanations.
7. at one,
a. in a state of agreement; of one opinion.
b. united in thought or feeling; attuned: He felt at one with his Creator.
8. one and all, everyone: They came, one and all, to welcome him home.
9. one by one, singly and successively: One by one the children married and moved away.
10. one for the road. See road (def. 8).

1. a person or thing of a number or kind indicated or understood: one of the Elizabethan poets.
2. (in certain pronominal combinations) a person unless definitely specified otherwise: every one.
3. (with a defining clause or other qualifying words) a person or a personified being or agency: the evil one; the one I love.
4. any person indefinitely; anyone: as good as one would desire.
5. Chiefly Brit.(used as a substitute for the pronoun I): Mother had been ailing for many months, and one should have realized it.
6. a person of the speaker's kind; such as the speaker himself or herself: to press one's own claims.
7. something or someone of the kind just mentioned: The portraits are fine ones. Your teachers this semester seem to be good ones.
8. something available or referred to, esp. in the immediate area: Here, take one—they're delicious. The bar is open, so have one on me!


a suffix used in the names of ketones and analogous chemical compounds: lactone; quinone.

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