Pronunciation: (OOz), [key]
v., oozed, ooz•ing,

1. (of moisture, liquid, etc.) to flow, percolate, or exude slowly, as through holes or small openings.
2. to move or pass slowly or gradually, as if through a small opening or passage: The crowd oozed toward the entrance.
3. (of a substance) to exude moisture.
4. (of something abstract, as information or courage) to appear or disappear slowly or imperceptibly (often fol. by out or away): His cockiness oozed away during my rebuttal speech.
5. to display some characteristic or quality: to ooze with piety.

1. to make by oozing.
2. to exude (moisture, air, etc.) slowly.
3. to display or dispense freely and conspicuously: He can ooze charm when it serves his interest.

1. the act of oozing.
2. something that oozes.
3. an infusion of oak bark, sumac, etc., used in tanning.


Pronunciation: (OOz), [key]
1. Geol.a calcareous or siliceous mud composed chiefly of the shells of one-celled organisms, covering parts of the ocean bottom.
2. soft mud, or slime.
3. a marsh or bog.

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