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Pronunciation: (
v., -hung, -hang•ing,

1. to hang or be suspended over: A great chandelier overhung the ballroom.
2. to extend, project, or jut over: A wide balcony overhangs the garden.
3. to impend over or threaten, as danger or evil; loom over: The threat of war overhung Europe.
4. to spread throughout; permeate; pervade: the melancholy that overhung the proceedings.
5. Informal.to hover over, as a threat or menace: Unemployment continues to overhang the economic recovery.

to hang over; project or jut out over something below: How far does the balcony overhang?

1. something that extends or juts out over; projection.
2. the extent of projection, as of the bow of a ship.
3. Informal.an excess or surplus: an overhang of office space in midtown.
4. a threat or menace: to face the overhang of foreign reprisals.
5. Archit.a projecting upper part of a building, as a roof or balcony.

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