Pronunciation: (
n.ō'vur-pas", -päs";
v.ō"vur-pas', -päs'),
n., v., -passed or -past, -pass•ing.

a road, pedestrian walkway, railroad, bridge, etc., crossing over some barrier, as another road or walkway.

1. to pass over or traverse (a region, space, etc.): We had overpassed the frontier during the night.
2. to pass beyond (specified limits, bounds, etc.); exceed; overstep; transgress: to overpass the bounds of good judgment.
3. to get over (obstacles, difficulties, etc.); surmount: to overpass the early days of privation and uncertainty.
4. to go beyond, exceed, or surpass: Greed had somehow overpassed humanitarianism.
5. to pass through (time, experiences, etc.): to overpass one's apprenticeship.
6. to overlook; ignore; disregard; omit: We could hardly overpass such grievous faults. The board overpassed him when promotions were awarded.

to pass over; pass by: Under the bridge there was the din of cars overpassing.

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