Pronunciation: (pel'it), [key]
1. a small, rounded or spherical body, as of food or medicine.
2. a small wad or ball of wax, paper, etc., for throwing, shooting, or the like.
3. one of a charge of small shot, as for a shotgun.
4. a bullet.
5. a ball, usually of stone, formerly used as a missile.
6. Also called cast. Ornith.a small, roundish mass of matter regurgitated by certain predatory birds, consisting of the indigestible remains, as the fur, feathers, and bones, of the prey.
7. (in Romanesque architecture) a hemispherical or disklike carved ornament.
8. Heraldry.ogress2.

1. to form into pellets; pelletize.
2. to hit with pellets.

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