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Pronunciation: (pûr'su-nāt"), [key]
v., -at•ed, -at•ing.

1. to act or portray (a character in a play, a part, etc.).
2. to assume the character or appearance of; pass oneself off as, esp. with fraudulent intent; impersonate.
3. to represent in terms of personal properties or characteristics; personify.

to act or play a part.


Pronunciation: (pûr'su-nit, -nāt"), [key]
1. Bot.
a. (of a bilabiate corolla) masklike. See illus. under corolla.
b. having the lower lip pushed upward so as to close the gap between the lips, as in the snapdragon.
2. Zool.
a. having a masked or disguised form, as the larvae of certain insects.
b. having masklike markings.

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persona non grataperson-day
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