Pronunciation: (fen"l-al'u-nēn", -nin, fēn"-), [key]
n. Biochem.
a crystalline, water-soluble, essential amino acid, C6H5CH2CH(NH2)COOH, necessary to the nutrition of humans and most animals, obtained chiefly from egg white or skim milk. Abbr.: Phe; Symbol: F Also called phen'yl•a•mi'no•pro•pi•on'ic ac'id Pronunciation: (fen'l-u-mē'nō-prō-pē-on'ik, -am'u-nō-, fēn'-, fen"l-u-mē"nō-, -am"u-nō-, fēn"-). [key]

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phenylacetic acidphenylamine
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