Pronunciation: (fē'niks), [key]
gen. Phoe•ni•cisPronunciation: (fē-nī'sis, -nē'-) [key] for 2.

1. (sometimes cap.) a mythical bird of great beauty fabled to live 500 or 600 years in the Arabian wilderness, to burn itself on a funeral pyre, and to rise from its ashes in the freshness of youth and live through another cycle of years: often an emblem of immortality or of reborn idealism or hope.
2. (cap.) Astron.a southern constellation between Hydrus and Sculptor.
3. a person or thing of peerless beauty or excellence; paragon.
4. a person or thing that has become renewed or restored after suffering calamity or apparent annihilation. Also,phenix.


Pronunciation: (fē'niks), [key]
1. Class. Myth.
a. the brother of Cadmus and Europa, and eponymous ancestor of the Phoenicians.
b. a son of Amyntor and Cleobule who became the foster father of Achilles and who fought with the Greek forces in the Trojan War.
2. a city in and the capital of Arizona, in the central part. 764,911.
3. Mil.a 13-ft. (4 m), 989-lb. (445 kg), U.S. Navy air-to-air missile with radar guidance and a range of over 120 nautical mi.

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