Pronunciation: (pingk), [key]
n., adj., -er, -est.

1. a color varying from light crimson to pale reddish purple.
2. any of several plants of the genus Dianthus, as the clove pink or carnation. Cf. pink family.
3. the flower of such a plant; carnation.
4. the highest form or degree; prime: a runner in the pink of condition.
5. (often cap.) Also,pinko. Slang (disparaging). a person with left-wing, but not extreme, political opinions.
6. Business Informal.a carbon copy, as of a sales slip or invoice, made on pink tissue paper.
7. pinks,
a. Fox Hunting.See pink coat.
b. pinkish-tan gabardine trousers formerly worn by military officers as part of the dress uniform.
8. the scarlet color of hunting pinks.

1. of the color pink: pink marble.
2. Slang (disparaging). holding, or regarded as holding, mildly leftist views, esp. in politics.
3. tickled pink. See tickle (def. 8).


Pronunciation: (pingk), [key]
1. to pierce with a rapier or the like; stab.
2. to finish at the edge with a scalloped, notched, or other ornamental pattern.
3. to punch (cloth, leather, etc.) with small holes or figures for ornament.
4. Chiefly Brit. adorn or ornament, esp. with scalloped edges or a punched-out pattern.


Pronunciation: (pingk), [key]
a vessel with a pink stern. Also,pinky.Cf. pink stern.

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