Pronunciation: (pōl), [key]
1. a sampling or collection of opinions on a subject, taken from either a selected or a random group of persons, as for the purpose of analysis.
2. Usually, polls. the place where votes are taken.
3. the registering of votes, as at an election.
4. the voting at an election.
5. the number of votes cast.
6. the numerical result of the voting.
7. an enumeration or a list of individuals, as for purposes of taxing or voting.
8. See poll tax.
9. a person or individual in a number or list.
10. the head, esp. the part of it on which the hair grows.
11. the back of the head.
12. the rear portion of the head of a horse; the nape. See diag. under horse.
13. the part of the head between the ears of certain animals, as the horse and cow.
14. the broad end or face of a hammer.

1. to take a sampling of the attitudes or opinions of.
2. to receive at the polls, as votes.
3. to enroll (someone) in a list or register, as for purposes of taxing or voting.
4. to take or register the votes of (persons).
5. to deposit or cast at the polls, as a vote.
6. to bring to the polls, as voters.
7. to cut short or cut off the hair, wool, etc., of (an animal); crop; clip; shear.
8. to cut short or cut off (hair, wool, etc.).
9. to cut off the top of (a tree); pollard.
10. to cut off or cut short the horns of (cattle).

to vote at the polls; give one's vote.


Pronunciation: (pol), [key]
1. (esp. at Cambridge University, England)
2. the body of students who read for or obtain a degree without honors.
3. Also called poll' degree". See pass degree.


Pronunciation: (pol), [key]

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