Pronunciation: (
adj., n.pri-sip'i-tit, -tāt"),
v., -tat•ed, -tat•ing,
adj., n.

1. to hasten the occurrence of; bring about prematurely, hastily, or suddenly: to precipitate an international crisis.
2. to cast down headlong; fling or hurl down.
3. to cast, plunge, or send, esp. violently or abruptly: He precipitated himself into the struggle.
4. separate (a substance) in solid form from a solution, as by means of a reagent.

1. fall to the earth's surface as a condensed form of water; to rain, snow, hail, drizzle, etc.
2. to separate from a solution as a precipitate.
3. to be cast or thrown down headlong.

1. headlong: a precipitate fall down the stairs.
2. rushing headlong or rapidly onward.
3. proceeding rapidly or with great haste: a precipitate retreat.
4. exceedingly sudden or abrupt: a precipitate stop; a precipitate decision.
5. done or made without sufficient deliberation; overhasty; rash: a precipitate marriage.

1. Chem.a substance precipitated from a solution.
2. moisture condensed in the form of rain, snow, etc.

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