Pronunciation: (pru-pôr'shun, -pōr'-), [key]
1. comparative relation between things or magnitudes as to size, quantity, number, etc.; ratio.
2. proper relation between things or parts: to have tastes way out of proportion to one's financial means.
3. relative size or extent.
4. proportions,dimensions or size: a rock of gigantic proportions.
5. a portion or part in its relation to the whole: A large proportion of the debt remains.
6. symmetry, harmony, or balance: an architect with a sense of proportion.
7. the significance of a thing or event that an objective view reveals: You must try to see these mishaps in proportion.
8. Math.a relation of four quantities such that the first divided by the second is equal to the third divided by the fourth; the equality of ratios. Cf. rule of three.
9. Archaic.analogy; comparison.

1. to adjust in proper proportion or relation, as to size, quantity, etc.
2. to balance or harmonize the proportions of.

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